Laurence Harbor, A Gem on the Raritan Bay

Laurence Harbor is Superfun-d!

If you haven't heard, Laurence Harbor has been put on the National Priorities List, also known as superfund. Apparently, a quantity of lead smelting slag has been dumped along much of the waterfront. This has been a developing story in the past couple of years, but most Harbor denizen have known about it for decades. After all, the dumping by National Lead (the leading suspect), began in the late 1960's and proceeded into the 1970's. A meeting is being held on the waterfront on June 15, 2010 at 6:30pm to discuss the formation of a Community Advisory Group to help guide the Federal Environmental Protection Agency in its approach to the cleanup of the lead. Park in the lot behind Hoffman Pharmacy and walk to the small buildings just up from the beach (known as the Kid's / Children's / Teen Recreation Center building)

Whether you can make it or not to the June 15th meeting, you can keep up on the progress of the cleanup by following the EPA's Raritan Bay Slag page. We will continue to follow developments here, as well.





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