Laurence Harbor, A Gem on the Raritan Bay


    Looking out over the bay, you have a million dollar view. Laurence Harbor boasts over two miles of walkable public access beach front. Over time, this may increase as Raritan Bay boardwalks are installed over area creeks to create a continuous stretch of bay front from South Amboy to the Atlantic Highlands and Sandy Hook. Sun, kites, sand and swimming all await you on the beach.


    You have Cheesequake State Park, Paul's Beach, Seidler's Beach, and a three in one Middlesex county park; Raritan Bay Park; Raritan Bayfront Park, and Laurence Harbor Beach.


    Three creeks run through and surround the waterfront in Laurence Harbor; Cheesequake Creek in the west, Marquis or Margaret's Creek in the middle and the Whale Creek on the eastern border of Old Bridge where Laurence Harbor and Cliffwood meet. Whale Creek is also the dividing line betweeen Middlesex and Monmouth counties. Trees line many of the streets of Laurence Harbor, and marshes and flowers abound. The waters of Laurence Harbor are one of the northernmost reaches of significant early spring horseshoe crab mating habitat until you find yourself deep into New England.


    Birdwatching is excellent here, with marshlands bookending both sides of the bay portion of Laurence Harbor.


    Boardwalk and walking paths, baseketball courts (2), Racketball wall (1), playground (1). Facilities also exist at the nearby elementary school, Old Bridge Memorial on Ely Avenue. Old Bridge maintains a branch of the public library here, with thousands of books and computers with Internet access.


    Whether there is traffic or not, quick access is available to the New Jersey Turnpike (8-15 minutes), Garden State Parkway (2-6 minutes), Route 287 (7-14 minutes), Route 9 (8-12 minutes), Route 35 (1-3 minutes), Route 36 (8-15 minutes) and Route 34 (8-15 minutes). The roads of the area are remarkably free of major traffic problems and the many active road projects in the area improve traffic flow daily.


    From the New Jersey Coast Line, Laurence Harbor is 2.5 miles (South Amboy Station) and four miles (Aberdeen Matawan Station) away, and when the Laurence Harbor Station [editor's name and wishfull thinking] is built, half a mile. Only a 15-20 minute drive to the Northeast Corridor in Metro Park. Bus lines run down Route 35 and direct to New York buses leave from the Park and Ride off of Route 9 in Old Bridge four miles away.


    In the words of Old Bridge Mayor Phillips Laurence Harbor has "...been a closely knit, God-fearing, working class community of affordable houses....where people know their neighbors and the streets are filled with children." Although statistics are hard to come by, more professionals do seem to be moving in, probably to take advantage of all that Laurence Harbor has to offer.




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